Welcome to Jervoise School


I am pleased to welcome you to the latest version of the Jervoise School website. Thank you for your interest and I hope it is useful and interesting.


The website can only scratch the surface of the real Jervoise. Our school Mission Statement lies at the heart of what we do, it provides us with the filter for our day to day work. Working alongside the pupils, teachers and support staff putting it into practice on a daily basis is one of the great pleasures of being head teacher of Jervoise.


Our journey from being one of the less well performing school to one of the best in academic terms is testament to the positive attitude and support from pupils, parents and community. This simple measure does not begin to explain the levels of motivation and engagement of the children.


We have a very active and supportive governing body who are committed to the strategic development of the school to continue to improve the educational opportunities we can offer our community.


Our recent conversion to become a founding member of the drb ignite multi academy trust, we believe will enable us to improve further the opportunities we can offer our children, staff, parents and community.


Please feel free to contact us for any additional information.


Miss Joanne Harris 


Head Teacher