Parents Forum May 2019

May 7, 2019


Thank you to the parents that attended the Parents forum on Wednesday 1st May. We also had a representative from the Executive Governance Group, Neil Morgan, Jervoise Lead EGG member, to feedback to the group all that was discussed and raised.


We discussed the following points!




We are in the process of changing the school website as it has grown over the years with different statuary documents having to be uploaded to it year on year. This has made the current website difficult to navigate through and therefore becomes less useful for parents and children. We are hoping to launch the new website next half term and will send out a link to parents. We will then hold another parent’s forum to get parents views on it so we can make any changes. We will want to know what you think works well, what doesn’t, what annoying to use and anything you think is missing.


Website Video


We also felt that the current website looks dated and so Hilary Wheeldon (Executive Head), Julie Murray (School Business Manager) and Carl Jenner (ICT Operations Manager) researched different website designs to find out how best to promote the vision, aims and essence that is Jervoise School. After looking at a range of websites we commissioned a video to be made that plays on the front page of our website. We have put it at the start of our current website so feel free to take a look!  We are very pleased with the outcome and the parents who attended the parent’s forum said they were really impressed with the quality.




Behavior Assembly


In the last meeting parents asked if the changes made to the behaviour assembly could be reversed. In December, we trailed posting certificates to children who hadn’t missed any golden time. Parents then told us that they preferred to attend an assembly to watch their children receive their certificates. We made a note of this and invited parents into the assembly at the end of the Spring term.


Shelter for waiting parents


Parents asked at the last meeting if we could provide a shelter for them to stand in while they were waiting for their children in KS2 to finish the end of the day once they had collected their children in EYFS and KS1. We understood the sense in this suggestion as we are aware that parent could get quite wet when it rains but this would cost a significant amount of money. For the short term we have extended the EYFS and KS1 end of daytime so that parents and children do not have to wait as long in all conditions. The parents who attended the forum said that this had made a difference and were happy with the changes and compromise made.




We shared the template of the usually Jervoise reports and explain that the report at the end of the day would be a record of achievement for children. There would not be anything in the reports that would shock parents as this should be a document that celebrates what your child has done. The reports are all thoroughly checked by Alison Lowe, Anna Williams or Hillary Wheeldon to ensure that the reports reflect all children’s achievement. If you would like to discuss your child’s report with your child’s class teacher, please make an appointment with them once the reports have been distributed.



Parents views


What do you think about the provision of educational visits and visitors that come to school?


We wanted to get parents views about educational visits and visitors as this term we will be planning and preparing for the next academic year. Here is what the parents who attended the forum thought:




Some parents said that initially they were the ones more anxious about sending their child on a residential. They said that their children loved it but allowing them to go on the residential help the parents to feel less concerned when their child had to stay away from home after. This led to a discussion about risk assessments that we have to carry out before a residential to ensure that all children are safe and secure and how staff have to be prepared for all eventualities.


Minibus for sporting events


A parent asked if the minibus would still be available once the lease was up. We explained that the financial responsibility of extending the lease and covering insurance was not the reason why we would not be extending the lease. The issue we have is the numbers of staff we have available to drive the minibus. Only 4-5 current members of staff can drive the minibus and the rest would have to take extensive tests and health checks as their current licences was issued after legislation changed. We stated that we will ensure that children will still have travel to these events, we could hire a driver and or minibus or find other ways to transport teams to other events.


Year 5 and 6 residential to France/ Spain


Once of the parents recalled a time when a group of Year 5 and 6 children were given the opportunity to go on a residential to France or Spain and asked if this could happen again. Hilary Wheeldon recalled the trips and explained that the trip to Spain had been due to the school winning International School of the year and receiving money for this, so they used the Erasmus links to take the children to one of the linked schools. The trip to France was more regularly and very enjoyable time for all.  However it was in Calais, France, and was stopped when the danger from the refugee and migrant encampment became evident. Parents at the forum were concerned that this trip would now be too expensive, but Hillary said that they were about the same price once the school had researched and planned with the same quality. We will send a questionnaire out to parents about this to see if parents and children are interested in this residential and then see if it is financially viable.


Trips and visits


Parents asked what the expectations of trips and visits were, and we explained that each year group should go on at least 2 trips and have 1 visitor come to school. Some parents suggested that 2 years groups had not yet gone on trips. We will chase this up and ensure they have been booked.



Questions and suggestions from parents


Information/Questions Shared


  • Next Year teacher:

Teachers have until the end of May to resign so we will not tell parents and children who will be their next year teacher until the end of the summer term in case we need to appoint anyone





  • N/A


Information/Questions Shared


  • Money online:

  • Parents are being asked to ticking consent online while paying for a trip is as well as signing a form, there seems to be some confusion. Some parents are still paying cash to the office





  • Admin team will check online before asking for paper consent to be sent out.

  • The office will not take cash but support parents to help them pay online.


Information/Questions Shared


  • Sports day:


  • Has a date been set, and will it be in the castle grounds?

It will be in the castle grounds, but we currently do not have a date.





  • Date will be shared with parents soon



Information/Questions Shared


  • SRE curriculum:


  • What is the provision, and will it be shared with parents? 

We are in the process of adapting our sex and relationship education curriculum to ensure its in line with the statuary expectations by 2020. We will not be using the ‘No outsider’s’ curriculum but will ensure that all children will have the same message we give them now, which is to respect anyone no matter their race, religion, beliefs and background. As we do now, we share the information we will be using with the children before with parents before we share it with the children.





  • N/A

Information/Questions Shared


  • TA in every class


  • Will there be a TA in every class?

There will not be a TA in every class, this would not be financially viable. Over many years we have streamlined the amount of staff we have to ensure that the school runs effectively and efficiently.





  • N/A


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