Use of Digital/Video Images



The use of digital / video images plays an important part in learning activities. Students / Pupils and members of

staff may use digital cameras to record evidence of activities in lessons and out of school. 

These images may then be used in presentations in subsequent lessons.


Images may also be used to celebrate success through their publication in newsletters, on the school website, official school social media pages and occasionally in the public media.


The school will comply with the Data Protection Act and request parents / carers permission before taking images of members of the school.  We will also ensure that when images are published that the young people cannot be identified by the use of their names.


In accordance with guidance from the Information Commissioner’s Office, parents / carers are welcome to take videos and digital images of their children at school events for their own personal use (as such use in not covered by the Data Protection Act).

To respect everyone’s privacy and in some cases protection, these images should not be published / made publicly available on social networking sites, nor should parents / carers comment on any activities involving other students / pupils in the digital / video images.